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Our cheeses are created from plant- based materials only, using absolutely no animal products. We believe in non-violence towards other sentient beings, and we know that the abundance that we have created through progress means that we do not need to exploit other creatures any more to feed ourselves well. We also recognize the nefarious effects of dairy on health and the advantages of only relying on plant-based foods for optimal health.

We create our cheese from nuts (almonds and cashews) and soy. We use different processes,  which makes our cheese range unique and broad, suitable for all tastes and purposes. Some of the processes we use are:

- fermentation: culturing with rejuvelac (fermentation liquid achieved by sprouting quinoa) or vegan probiotic Lactobacillus acidophilus

- thickening: using tapioca flour, we achieve the stretchy mouthfeel required when melting the cheeses.

- gelification: we use seaweed extracts (agar flakes or kappa carrageenan) to set the cheeses, which makes them ready or slicing.